There are some important things to know about our frames. Each frame is 100% unique in that we use wood that has been weathered due to age, wind, rain, and sun. There are no two boards alike, which is what makes our frames completely original and one of a kind. We understand the importance of being able to provide your clients with a consistent product, which is why we have created a set of designs that are easily recreated by using similar tone, painting techniques, and textures of wood. When ordering a specific frame please keep in mind that you are ordering the design, and may not receive the exact frame shown. Although we do our best to recreate it as close as possible. While we recreate the frame with the design shown, these are true original pieces of art and each piece of wood has its own character. We have found that in our studio clients appreciate the slight differences in each frame and feel like they are purchasing something unique that cannot be recreated elsewhere. 

All of our reclaimed frames are made from salvaged wood, which means each frame may have a slightly different tone and the wood may have imperfections. Each frame is handcrafted and the pieces of wood are hand selected to make one of a kind piece of art. Owning a photography studio ourselves we understand the importance of details. This is why we keep the original organic feel of the wood while still making sure that each frame is impeccably made to give you and your clients a high end product.

Standard frames include Masonite backing and pins inserted into the wood that easily fold open and shut for inserting your prints. Our frames are crafted in two different gluing and clamping stages and also refortified with metal corner brackets for perfectly closed corners. The backs of our frames are also hand sanded and finished to provide a smooth and safe surface for your artwork. Each frame comes with either heavy duty saw tooth hanging backs that are screwed into the wood or wire hangers as seen in canvas. Please specify which style of hanger you would like in the notes section at check-out. We are a fan of saw tooth for our reclaimed designs as it is a more sturdier option for our oak designs.  

ACRYLIC: Standard Frames do not come with acrylic but this can be purchased separately in the unique add-ons collection. Our acrylic is anti-glare and does provide a more clear surface than glass. Please be aware that acrylic can scratch easily. Because of this we ship your acrylic covered in protective tape that can be peeled off when ready to install. To clean acrylic use a premium micro-fiber cloth with soapy water to clean the entire surface area. After wetting the cloth, be sure to lightly blot the surface, rather than applying pressure as you wipe.




 COMPLIMENTARY FRAMING: Our business offers complimentary framing for all printed product that is drop shipped to us. This is not a service that is required but you may choose to take advantage of it if you would like to have your finished art directly shipped to your clients. Prints for the Round and Arch frames may also be shipped to us for cutting and framing. Please be aware, since this a complimentary service we not responsible for damaged prints that leave our shop. Damaged prints will nee to be replaced by your studio or lab. 

Drop Ship Prints to our address: Farmhouse Frames, 1776 W Monroe Rd. St. Louis, MI 48880





PRODUCTION/SHIPPING TIMES: We are a small husband and wife team and each frame is made to order. Because of this please allow 18 business days (NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS) for your frame to ship. 

DESIGNS: Please understand that we may need to redesign/retire designs yearly. We work with reclaimed wood, which means that while we can for the most part recreate designs, there will come a time when some of our wood supply needs to be retired or redesigned based on sales, limitations of supply etc. This is REAL reclaimed wood and while we buy in 1-2 year supplies this wood cannot be recreated to an exact.  

LIABILITY: Please understand that our products are crafted with reclaimed/weathered wood and may contain occasional chips and splinters. Our Carriage House frame is crafted with original paint and may contain lead based paint. All other painted frames are created with our own mix of milk paint and natural pigments that are eco friendly and non hazardous.


Please understand that you can not use our product photos on your own materials. Because our product photos contain copyrighted images that are the property of the photographers that created them, anyone claiming them as their own will be in violation of those copyrights.