Antique Hammered Brass

Antique Hammered Brass

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Our Antique Hammered Round showcases a waxed gold leaf over a dark black patina to give images an elegant look while maintaining the antique character Farmhouse products are known for. 

*Round prints can be purchased at McKenna Pro or Simply Color Lab. They may also be ordered in squares from any lab of your choosing and drop shipped to us for cutting. Square prints sent to us should be ordered mounted on matboard, styrene, or masonite, and should be formatted with our PSD cropping template. This template will allow you to apply a round border to your image where you would like your cut to be made. A copy of the cropping template will be auto emailed to you after checkout

Prints can be drop shipping to us for cutting and framing at 

Farmhouse Frames 1776 W Monroe Rd. St. Louis, MI 48880

Product Images provided by Cherrybird Photography. 

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