January FHF Top Seller

It's time to feature our January 2022 Farmhouse Frames Top Seller!! And the winner is......Shannon Morton!! You can read more about Shannon, her studio, and her experience with selling Farmhouse Product below. <3 

HOWDY y'all!!  My name is Shannon Morton, and I'm a newborn and family portrait photographer and photography business coach out of College Station, Texas, home of Texas A & M University!  I am also a proud fan, supporter, and addict of Farmhouse Frames.   I've been selling their frames since 2017 and have added many converts to our club!  I love to tell clients that they are really supporting TWO small businesses when they buy these frames, and they get even more excited about their purchase!!
Our top seller is the Asher frame with a close second split between Haywagon and Picket fence.  This year, I'm adding the wood round frames.  They are STUNNING!!  And I'm certain they will sell like hotcakes!!  Last year, we grossed 350K+ in sales, and a large part of that was due to the beauty and appeal of the Farmhouse frames.  Can't wait to sell more!!
Because I was adopted as a baby and had no contact with my birth mother, I didn't know anyone in my life who looked like me until I had my first daughter (See picture).  Her birth motivated me to provide her (and my other children) with a tangible connection to our family and to generations past and present.  I firmly believe that we are wired to find where we fit.  Photography and printed pieces provide satisfying answers to this deep question of the soul.  So keep pressing on, friends, with the work you're doing.  It is a gift that keeps giving and so worth the time and effort to create for our clients!!
If I can help you with selling, pricing, anything, please let me know.  I'm happy to help so that others can succeed!
Find me in these places: 
instagram - @shannonmortonphoto and @soar_business_workshop