Five reasons to invest in FHF

If you are like us, you have love and respect for the families that invest into your business. You want to provide them with product that you have 100% faith in. To you, it is important that your client leave their studio/session experience feeling that their needs were met and that they have also made a great investment. 

Have you ever wondered what sets Farmhouse Frames products apart from others? Would you like to educate your clients on the quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity of the products you are providing? Below are 5 reason that can be passed along to your clients on why they should invest in Farmhouse Frames. 

Our family photos featured in a Vintage Arch Collection. Photographer credit: Lynzee Harrison Photography



We have to list this one as our top reason to choose a FHF over any other wall art option. There is an art and a beauty that goes into hand crafting something. For us, this is taking the time to hand select each board and to carefully go over the details. More than the sale, the quality of what we are creating matters to us! You really cannot compare a factory made product to a hand crafted product in terms of construction and quality. These products will last a lifetime and are an heirloom that can be passed down through generations. 

Each one of our frames is hand crafted from start to finish. This process goes all the way from the tear down to salvage the material, drying each board to the appropriate moisture content to prevent shrinkage, hand choosing boards to match together in terms of grain and tone, the carpentry work of cutting and assembling each product, and finishing out (sanding, carving, sealing, adding hardware) each frame. The process is extremely time consuming, but it matters in the overall quality of the finished piece! Just like you take time to design, shoot, and edit a session; you want the product that compliments your work to be as equally thought out. 

One of the perks of offering a hand crafted product is the option to customize designs. We can often create one of a kind pieces or tweak a design based upon your client needs. This gives your client more input in their overall product choice and allows your studio to offer a completely catered service. 


192. That is the total number of approved photographers we currently service. These photographers are located in various states throughout the United States. We understand how important it is to offer a product that is unique to you, so we keep our accounts spaced out based upon location. This means you are providing a product that only a VERY LIMITED and select amount of photographers have access to. This also means that your client is getting something that they cannot find anywhere else in the world. They get to have something in their homes and on their walls that is unlike anything their friends/family/etc have. You are able to provide them with a product that is exclusive and that is something to be excited about!

Did you know we have a wait list of thousands of photographers that have applied for a sellers account? This list is goes back to 2017 and includes talented photographers all over the country that are patiently awaiting for an open sellers account. In the event that we do have an opening, these accounts are reviewed and interviewed and selected based on location, their business practices, and if we feel they are a good fit for our product. Since we rarely have a photographer drop an account we only have room to add a handful of new accounts every six months.

The result of having a smaller more refined customer base allows us to create real working relationships and friendships with each of our active accounts. We are able to get to know your work, editing style, and business practices, which in turn allows us to create complimentary products for your brand.


If the last two years have taught us anything, it's that we need to be investing into American made product! The Photography Lab industry is facing a real crisis. Everyday you hear of papers, frame moldings, canvas materials, etc being backordered. This is resulting in labs issuing late orders or completely discontinuing product all together. While my heart goes out to the entire lab/product industry, there is a serious problem when your orders are arriving to your clients late. Let's face it.....this negatively reflects upon you. Investing in American made products is also investing into our personal businesses, communities, and families. All of FHF products are hand crafted with authentic materials that are salvaged and processed from buildings and structures located in Michigan and Ohio. Due to the rare nature of the materials used to create our product, we are constantly acquiring barn wood in order to stock, store, and dry for future use. 

 Photos of wood tear down and deliveries over the years. 

#4 Authentic Reclaimed Materials/Preserving History

When you purchase a product from FHF you're not only purchasing wall art, but you are also purchasing a piece of History. Each of our products that are listed in the "Authentic Reclaimed Collection" are created using 100% reclaimed materials. These come from old barns, farmhouses, corn cribs, carriage houses, and pasture fences. The texture and tone of these boards tell a story. A story of History that can only be replicated with time. Most of these materials are over a century old and show different textures created from elements of nature. You can even find old nail holes in some of the old floor boards. I often imagine little feet running across an old farmhouse, wearing down these old boards and leaving the most beautiful patterns behind. This also means that no two boards are alike. You and your client get to have something completely original!! 

*Because most all of our products are reclaimed materials we are able to reuse/recycle a large majority of wood supply. This equals an environmental friendly product. Let's save those trees!! <3 

Signed Certificate of authenticity is applied to each product

#5 Investing in Small Business/Family

When it comes down to it, we like to know where our investment/hard earned money is going right? When you purchase a FHF product you are investing into our family, our community, into our actual life! You are supporting a small business in your country rather than a large corporation overseas. You are helping put food on the table, helping put our littles through school and sports, and helping us to help our community. Because of your continued investment we are able to give back to our community each week. Donations to our church have helped rescue Afghan women and children, helped families that have recently lost loved ones, provided Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts to children in our community, and provide basic needs like food and care to a sponsored child in Haiti. You helped do all of this...yay you!!  The list goes on and the trickle down affect from you supporting us is truly God's work and love for one another. 

 Random photos of friends and family helping in the shop throughout the years. Our littles love being a part of the business!